Ms. Stone Onahole features body of sex slave turned to stone

Regular readers will know how often we praise the Japanese adult brand Tama Toys on these digital pages. The feisty, prolific manufacturer pumps out a huge range of toys and goodies, including probably the best hug pillows and covers in the industry.

It has also developed a fine line in creating radical, sometimes bizarre masturbators. Perhaps you remember its previous achievements, like masturbators inspired by a bullet, brick, bamboo, and even a grenade.

More recently, we wrote about its strikingly designed heart-shaped masturbator toy.

Now comes another entry in the annals of hyper-experimental Japanese sex toy design: the Ms. Stone Onahole.

ms stone onahole masturbator toy japan

No, this isn’t an Emma Stone toy (though that would be cool). It’s based on a female knight who has been turned to stone and into your personal, statuesque sex slave!

Just when you think you’ve seen every kind of hentai onahole imaginable, along comes this! It takes some of the elements of the frozen schoolgirl porn we wrote about it in 2022, and adds a killer body and a hard texture with a stone-gray color.

The skin is as stony as you were expect from a petrified woman.

ms stone onahole masturbator toy japan

ms stone onahole masturbator toy japan

With box art by legendary illustrator Ryu Ganari, the toy feature a beautiful pair of breasts, curvy waist, and a stunningly tight pussy with a long “stone ridge” running the whole way.

Don’t worry, having sex with Ms. Stone won’t turn you into stone as well! Nor will she crumble or crack in your hands.

ms stone onahole masturbator toy japan

ms stone onahole masturbator toy japan

ms stone onahole masturbator toy japan

ms stone onahole masturbator toy japan

The Ms. Stone Onahole is available now internationally from Kanojo Toys, the biggest online source of Japanese adult toys, with more than 9,500 toys currently available.

kanojo toys adult sex japanese buy

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  • Enzo November 20, 2023

    Cool color. Looks like it might have a different texture than the skin tone stuff. Is that true? What does it feel like?

  • Tadashi Anahori (Post author) November 20, 2023


    The texture is a bit different but pretty smooth (not rough or crumbly like real stone!).

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