Kanami Takasaki to release second, semi-nude photo book

Slinky sexplot Kanami Takasaki is to release her second, hotly anticipated photo book.

Blooming Bud comes out on January 25, 2024, from Transworld Japan, which specializes in publishing idol books and calendars.

kanami takasaki second photo book nude naked blooming bud

It features Takasaki, who is known for her girl-next-door looks, in a more alluring, sensual style, including a cover image where she is posing naked at the sea, holding up a sheer piece of fabric. As the title of the book suggests, 26-year-old Takasaki is possible entering a more mature stage in her career.

Blooming Bud has a beach theme and was shot in Hawaii. To promote it, Takasaki has a shoot in the latest issue of Weekly Playboy, which went on sale today.

This follows on from the nude (and wet) shoot Kanami Takasaki did for her first photo book in 2021 in which she showed off her slender body and naked butt. Here are some highlights from that debut book.

kanami tasaki first photo book gravure idol japan sexy hot body nude naked

kanami tasaki first photo book gravure idol japan sexy hot body nude naked

kanami tasaki first photo book gravure idol japan sexy hot body nude naked

Takasaki, known as Kanamin to her fans, also made a big impression at the Tokyo Game Show in September, where she was a scantily clad booth babe (known as a “companion” in Japanese) for Cluster.

kanami takasaki tokyo game show booth babe cute hot sexy girl

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  • TheDude November 20, 2023

    I like the fact that she did the toy show for [Cluster] company as I am sure many of us would love a cluster fuck with her!

  • Thai Teena November 21, 2023

    How many of these photobooks are usually printed? How many sell? Do they all sell inside of Japan?

  • Tadashi Anahori (Post author) November 21, 2023

    @Thai Teena

    It totally depends on the fame and following of the idol, but some are very successful, selling thousands or even tens of thousands, and going through several print runs. Generally, if an idol is releasing regular photo books, it means they are selling enough to make profit. Most, however, are not available to buy outside Japan except through private sellers, etc.

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