Mariya Nagao is dating former Kabukicho host

It’s no secret that the Tokyo Kinky team has a thing for Mariya Nagao.

The former AKB48 hottie now works as a model, actress, and general TV celebrity.

And though it’s hardly a surprise that a woman of her age, beauty, and social opportunities would not have lovers, we can’t help but feel a bit peeved and sad at the news that broke recently about her new boyfriend.

Apparently, Mariyagi is in a relationship with a former Kabukicho host, having met through a mutual friend.

Fresh off releasing a ravishing photo book earlier this year, she’s been spotted by weekly tabloid Shukan Bunshun in the company of a male companion who has tattoos on both arms and legs.

host boyfriend date lover mariya nagao jun amaki

She broke up with 24-year-old actor boyfriend On Nakano in December 2021. Her new squeeze is a man who used to earn ¥100 million in sales at a Kabukicho host club. He now works as a “producer” at a host club group.

On July 1, she was spotted in Shibuya with her boyfriend and busty gravure babe Jun Amaki. After an evening of eating and drinking together as a three, Mariyagi and her boyfriend went home together.

According to the tabloid report, Nagao is practically living at her lover’s expensive condo, even leaving her dog there. The tabloid published various pictures on the pair on dates. The tabloid is even speculating, perhaps baselessly, that the 29-year-old model will marry the man.

host boyfriend date lover mariya nagao

host boyfriend date lover mariya nagao

host boyfriend date lover mariya nagao

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  • KJ23 July 12, 2023

    well this is a very intriguing article didn’t expect this to seen it..🤔

  • anon July 12, 2023

    So they censor his face to protect his identity, but don’t censor the tattoos?

  • Mike Travels July 12, 2023

    she looks totally average. if she wasn’t famous I would never notice her on a street in Tokyo

  • None July 13, 2023

    was she taking a photo of the paparazzi who were taking her photos in the last pic? XD

  • Mr Hong July 14, 2023

    For real bro she looks average, even amongst AKB48 members I think she looks just a little bit below average

  • dungeondragon August 3, 2023

    I always find it interesting seeing the wota/otaku fans of these idols and the men they end up dating. Their fans never stood a chance.

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