High school baseball cheerleaders don shorts to protect against voyeurism

Where do fantasies about schoolgirls go too far? One example could be when you’re upskirting schoolgirls at events.

School events are meant to be for kids, parents, and teachers. But it seems that some people — perhaps sex-starved male parents! — are more focused on the skimpy clothing that cheerleaders wear during school sporting tournaments, and take inappropriate pictures of them.

Female cheerleaders at the Koshien annual high school baseball tournament, which begins today, are often targets of sexualized photographs by some spectators.

Given that the young ladies are wearing sleeveless tops and short skirts, and easily available camera lens are long and powerful these days, it became apparent that new approaches were needed to protect the underage cheerleaders from voyeuristic spectators, who have taken photos and posted them online in recent years.

sexy japanese cheerleaders high school baseball tournament upskirting

For example, the Guardian reported last week that a Takasaki high school’s cheerleaders are now wearing special shorts to protect their bodies.

“Voyeuristic photos can potentially cause lifelong emotional damage to our students,” said their teacher.

Signs will discourage spectators from photographing students, and teachers will apparently even be patrolling the stands at the upcoming Koshien to block people from taking snaps of cheerleaders. However, given the size of the stadium, we don’t think such tactics are ultimately realistic.

It might backfire. Bloomers were meant to be modest but have morphed into an active ingredient in sexual fantasies in their own right, with the result that lots of cosplay and kinky role-play costumes include them.

On the other hand, female athletes in gymnastics, track and field, and swimming famously (or rather, infamously) don very skimpy uniforms during their events. Might it be time to completely rethink competitors’ clothing if we are serious about protecting young people?

Developments in consumer technology is also to blame. We all now have powerful cameras right there on our phones, while other special cameras have infrared functions that create a “see-through” effect on the subject photographed.

It’s at this point that you might want to throw up your hands in despair but never underestimate Japanese manufacturers’ hardworking R&D departments. Sportswear brand Mizuno has developed a special fabric for blocking such infrared cameras. We’re not sure how the textile actually works but Mizuno is now in the process of making it available commercially available for track and field uniforms, sports bras, and swimsuits.

And though legal reform can be glacial in Japan, the government is gradually clamping down on upskirting.

New legislation last year criminalized voyeurism. The penalty for secretly filming private body parts, underwear, or sexual acts is up to three years’ imprisonment and a fine of ¥3 million.

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  • 新人 March 26, 2024

    The irony is many of these cheerleaders will move to gravure or jav eventually, so we’ll end up seeing it all anyway

  • Anon404 March 26, 2024

    they finally learn abot the mise-pan???

    i don’t get it

    what exactly is the news here

  • Jason March 26, 2024

    The kpop idols in Korea wear these hot pants under their skirts similar to safet Shorts already..nothing new

  • Mike Travels March 26, 2024

    if you don’t want guys to look at you make don’t be a fucking cheer leader wtf

  • Touhokuton March 27, 2024

    This the same website that bemoaned that middle school swimsuits were becoming less sexy yeah?

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