Easter sale: 20% off all Japanese adult toys

Easter might well be a season confined largely to the West or countries with a Christian tradition, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some Japanese fun during this time of year.

Unlike Christmas or Halloween, Easter has yet to penetrate Japan to become a retail event. Being online, though, means our friends at Kanojo Toys don’t always have to follow local trends! They are now offering a store-wide sale in the run-up to Easter Sunday at the end of the month.

Through April 2, you can get 20% off any order you make. To claim your discount, use the promo code EGG.

kanojo toys easter sale discount campaign 2023 adult japanese 20% off

The code is also valid on multiple orders. In other words, you can order more than once and still use the code to get a discount, so it’s a pretty generous deal.

To get us in the mood, we spent some time browsing the new arrivals at Kanojo Toys.

The Mirage Papillon Onahole seems like a really impressive masturbator toy, while we are very pleased to see another entry in the bestselling Puni Ana-roid series with the Puni Ana-roid R Powered Masturbator — great for those times when you want the toy to take care of the action for you.

Mirage Papillon Onahole

Mirage Papillon Onahole

Puni Ana-roid R Powered Masturbator

Puni Ana-roid R Powered Masturbator

The Gasensoryu Jubo Oppa Feragon Dragon Blowjob is as unique as its title makes it sound. A dragon’s mouth with multiple tits rubbing you to climax?! As we wrote the other day, getting sucked off by a monster with six breasts sure ain’t for everyone, but it sure is fun!

Gasensoryu Jubo Oppa Feragon Dragon Blowjob Creature sex fantasy masturbator toy

Gasensoryu Jubo Oppa Feragon Dragon Blowjob Creature sex fantasy masturbator toy

Of course, if you really want to get into the spirit of Easter, perhaps the most appropriate toys to try would be the classic Tenga Egg, one of the most unusual-looking yet convenient masturbation aids out there.

tenga eggs masturbation toy japan

Tenga Egg Snow Crystal

You just pop open the egg-shaped toy and wrap the sleeve around your glans and sleeve. Jerking off is suddenly and completely transformed even though the actions are the usual ones you know and love.

kanojo toys adult sex japanese buy

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