Pakistani man charged with multiple acts of groping in Saitama

A man with Pakistani nationality has been charged on suspicion of indecent acts with variously aged women on the streets of Hanyu, following several other recent incidents in the Saitama city.

The unanmed 25-year-old man, who lives in Fujiishimogumi, Hanyu, has been additionally charged with the gropings and sent to the prosecutors.

Local police say there have been eight such cases in Hanyu, of which the man has now been additionally charged in connection with five.

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The alleged incidents took place between July and December last year, and involved women in Hanyu either walking or traveling by bicycle at night. The five victims were all Saitama residents and aged from their teens to their fifties.

The man has been arrested a total of three times in connection with groping cases. He was identified by surveillance camera footage and his testimony.

“I wanted to touch a woman’s body and could not control this desire. They were my type,” the alleged perpetrator is quoted as saying in media reports, which have emphasized the man’s foreignness.

His first arrest was in early January over an alleged act of groping a woman in her twenties who he had stopped to ask for directions in Hanyu shortly after 9 p.m. on January 4. “Where is the city office?” he asked her, before pushing her down and groping her body.

The second arrest was in early February over the alleged groping of a female high school student on the streets of Hanyu in September last year.

His third arrest was in late February, which has now led to the additional charges over the 2023 incidents.

In Japan, police often keep suspects in detention for long periods by arresting them again in the hope of extracting evidence or a confession to further crimes.

As Japan looks to increase migration to cover chronic labor shortages, such crimes as this may be weaponized by xenophobic voices in the media and on social media. Needless to say, the vast majority of such groping crimes are done by Japanese citizens.

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  • TheDude April 1, 2024

    Bad gaijin also what an asshole cheap hookers are all over Japan
    pay a bit and then do what you want

  • Mike Travels April 1, 2024

    why do people always confess to everything in Japan? it happens so much I can’t even believe it. it seems like fake north Korea style government propaganda. isn’t there a right to remain silent over there??

  • Tadashi Anahori (Post author) April 2, 2024

    @Mike Travels

    Because the police have the power to hold you for long periods of time, under constantly interrogation without sleep. Audio recordings have only recently been introduced and it is still partial. A new reform should finally allow suspects to have lawyers present during interrogation. Police prefer to extract a confession before turning a suspect over the Ministry of Justice’s detention centers to await trial. Needless to say, police and prosecutors’ methods are highly controversial.

  • Jason April 2, 2024

    Is it true that Tokyo is granting foreigners longer visas now due to the low birth rate there? Do they need foreign guys to help with the low birth rate? 🙂

  • Jason April 2, 2024

    How do Pakistanis get jobs there? I thought Japanese typically discriminate against them and Indians. Do you see any Pakis and Indians in relationships with attractive Japanese women?

  • Mike Travels April 4, 2024

    every combini in Tokyo was staffed by Pakistanis Nepalese and viets when I was last in Tokyo

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