German man arrested for trying to steal male students’ underwear from dorm

We frequently report on cases of men sneaking into schools and other places to steal underwear or watch women. The most recent was the man who ended up seriously injuring himself after he attempted to climb down from a rope to spy on residents of an apartment building.

But what’s rarer, or seems to get reported more rarely, are men who do these things to spy on other guys.

Well, here’s a recent case that might somewhat redress the balance.

A German engineer, Ulrich Distelhorst (if we are transliterating the katakana correctly), was arrested by police for sneaking into the changing room of a student dorm on October 16 at 1:30 in the morning.

The 36-year-old apparently wanted to steal some male underwear from the dorm in Nerima ward, Tokyo, that belongs to the judo club at Nihon University.

german arrested stealing male students underwear tokyo

He was discovered by someone at the dorm and tried to escape, but was caught and detained on the street.

Distelhorst has admitted the charges. “I could see the dorm’s baths and got aroused. I wanted to see naked men and steal their clothes.” Unfortunately, judo players are well trained when it comes to catching and pinning people down!

Media reports have described him as a “self-proclaimed engineer,” meaning no one is sure he actually is one. Quite why Teutonic detainee would lie about such a matter is a mystery.

There’s that famous TV show where they interview random gaijin at the airport, asking them why they came to Japan. They might have got an interesting answer if they had interviewed Herr Distelhorst!

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  • TheDude October 19, 2023

    Even for the refined level of hentai that is Japan this is some pretty outrageous and weird shit

  • anon404 October 19, 2023

    gays do be having skill issues lol

  • Mike Travels October 19, 2023

    How does a self proclaimed programmer get a visa to stay in Japan?

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