Model Yukina Kinoshita becomes a hostess for one night

The model Yukina Kinoshita continues to pursue an unusual path following her scandal, divorce (after multiple allegations of adultery), and losing her agency.

She has released a nude photo book and focused on social media channels like YouTube to keep herself in clover, her celebrity lifestyle apparently unaffected by her complete disappearance from fashion magazine covers.

The 36-year-old mother of two, who is currently dating 30-year-old soccer player Hidetoshi Miyuki, is gradually working more in the mainstream media and recently made an appearance on a TV show called Ai no Hyena on the streamer Abema.

yukina kinoshita nagoya hostess club working celebrity fashion model

The episode purported to follow Yukina as she spent a day working as a hostess at a club in Nagoya. Of course, we’re sure it was all essentially scripted but Yukina seemed to rise to the challenge gamely.

In fact, she has experience as a hostess in an Okinawan resort in her youth. She aimed to make ¥1.2 million at the club that night — an easy target for a celebrity, you might think, though it seems not every male customer, especially the older ones with the most money, knew who she was or cared for her company.

yukina kinoshita nagoya hostess club working celebrity fashion model

yukina kinoshita nagoya hostess club working celebrity fashion model

But she managed to win them over with her charms and looks, and, at least according to the show, made a sales figure of ¥1,733,800 that night.

With money like that up for grabs, it’s easy to see why young women and celebrities opt to work as hostesses. Just watch out for the wandering hands of kabuki actors!

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