Yukina Kinoshita makes comeback with nude photo book

We love a good comeback story.

After some time quietly doing her own thing on YouTube and Instagram, Yukina Kinoshita (木下優樹菜) has returned to the mainstream entertainment world.

As a kind of de facto apology for her recent scandals, the 34-year-old mother of two is releasing a nude photo book.

“CORRECT” is published by Futabasha and released on March 17. It’s being publicized heavily as “nude,” though the preview images we have seen so far are only semi-nude (in the classic “hand bra” pose, or tebura). We will update with more pictures when they become available. Hopefully this isn’t a bait-and-switch promo campaign.

yukina kinoshita nude correct sexy photo-book comeback

yukina kinoshita nude correct sexy photo-book comeback

The book is shot by Norikazu Hashimoto and legendary photographer Hajime Sawatari.

Kinoshita was one of the most prominent and successful fashion models and influencers in Japan, until it came crashing down. She divorced comedian husband Toshifumi Fujimoto in 2019 amid allegations that she had been unfaithful for years with multiple other men. (She is currently dating 28-year-old soccer player Hidetoshi Miyuki.)

Kinoshita also just had to apologize after sending threatening messages via social media to a tapioca store where her sister worked.

She lost her lucrative jobs appearing on television shows, got dropped by her agency in mid-2020, and found herself effectively ostracized from the entertainment industry. She was sued by the owner of the tapioca shop and ordered to pay damages in late 2021.

Yukina may have taken a leaf out of Angelica Michibata’s book. She too became persona non grata after her husband was arrested for alleged extortion. The fallout involved her because she was apparently caught in the middle of the dispute between her husband and another man. Emerging from the scandal with her career in tatters and a divorce, Michibata chose to make a comeback by posing nude at the age of 35.

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  • i love tokyokinky March 4, 2022

    age like fine wine ?

  • Magishine March 5, 2022

    For some reason I read that as Ayumi Kinoshita and I’m like….there’s some fine wine I’d love to see nude

  • Tadashi Anahori (Post author) March 5, 2022


    Ayumi Kinoshita! That’s a blast from the past. But a very fine one indeed!

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