Foreign woman caught filming in Osaka red-light district claims assault

Twitter. YouTube. TikTok. Instagram. And now Threads. It’s a crowded social media landscape and people want to stand out.

It has become one of the aphorisms of our times that people will do almost anything for clout.

And that includes crazy antics in Japan.

Known as p8stie or Mariè online, and claiming to be an independent journalist and dentist, a French woman has claimed she was attacked in the Tobita Shinchi red-light district of Osaka. In Tobita, you get a sense of the bygone Japanese pleasure quarters, with its street full of old establishments with entranceways, in which sit sex workers and an older female proprietor, calling out to passersby.

tobita shinchi japan osaka red light district sex workers old area brothel prostitutes

Mariè has uploaded a video of the incident. She is using her phone to openly film the establishments as she walks by. Eventually, an older woman who runs one of the places comes out and demands she stop filming.

Mariè calls this an attack and is behaving like she’s the victim.

In fact, as someone who has been visiting Japan for a while and should know, filming in public in Japan is generally frowned upon and regarded as an invasion of privacy unless you have their consent.

And filming sex workers anywhere is a big no-no for all kinds of reasons. Mariè was actually lucky she wasn’t spotted by a yakuza bouncer in the area.

In fact, from what we see and hear in the video at least, the woman simply demands she stop filming with her phone and puts her hand to cover the phone. This does not seem to constitute an “assault” in any legal sense.

For reasons we don’t fully understand, Mariè/p8stie has over 67,000 followers on Twitter.

Mariè/p8stie has been visiting Japan recently and issuing her pronouncements about Japan and Japanese men on Twitter, often igniting furious debate and derision.

We have pooled a few of her winning observations:

In EVERY culture, the way the sex industry operates reflects the needs and desires of the people.

In Japan, the culture is VERY RESTRICTIVE. There is not much room for freedom, even in romantic relationships.

In fact, there seems to be a culture-wide Madonna whore complex.

Often, there is no in-between for women in Osaka

They are wives: perfect innocent polite madonnas speaking in baby voice


They are sex workers: the ones used for sex and romance.. also typically wearing/being depicted in purposefully childlike clothing

Marriages are based on social status and MONEY instead of love, attraction and romance

The wives are madonnas and the husbands are from good families and the situation is practical

Dead bedroom is prominent

Many women have told me that they feel like their husband is a brother

Because of this dynamic, many citizens PAY to receive and give sexual and romantic affection

Much of the “sex work” doesn’t even end with sex

At snack bars, which the girls are advertising here, men pay just to TALK with women

It’s more than sex – a space for men to feel free

Mariè/p8stie had also been complaining that she can’t get Japanese men interested in her. Her “usual tactics” include stopping to ask for a cigarette and making eye contact. Perhaps she doesn’t understand that most young people in Japan don’t smoke and it’s not regarded by many men as a attractive lifestyle for women.

She previously attracted notoriety and opprobrium online when she posted a (since-deleted) series of mocking posts about Western women she had arbitrarily identified as “sex tourists” in South Korea.

But she is doing similar things herself, recently sharing her hopes on getting a man (even if she has to pay):

Unfortunately, me and my Osaka fling broke up due to his misogyny & inability to play around & have fun.

I’ll be in Japan for a few more weeks and am unlikely to try again with a Japanese man.

Where should I go to find a nice male date that I can just pay to be nice 2 me?

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  • Mr. Harrison July 13, 2023

    This French “influencer” is a hypocrite. She wants them to respect her and the ideology she Woke from her… but she doesn’t respect others. She must respect the country when she is visiting.
    PS: France is a country of fagots, LGTB+ Shit, etc.

  • Raizo Shimura July 13, 2023

    French women are beautiful…but they stink and smell like a horse😄🐴

  • anon July 14, 2023

    I started thinking of an episode of Spin City when I saw the words “French woman.”

    Randall Winston: “You know, I went to Paris in the late 60s. Everbody smokes, the women don’t shave their armpits… the most romantic city in the world my ass.”

  • Stefan July 17, 2023

    Sorry Tokyokinky, usually I like your articles, but why are you giving even an ounce of attention to this “influencer” woman? I had to restrain myself from vomiting while I read those “observation” nonsense this woman was spouting about Japanese sex workers. For her, the old advice still holds true: If you have no idea about something, you should remain silent.

  • Wolf46 July 17, 2023

    This French woman can go to hell with her ideology “Woke”.

  • Tadashi Anahori (Post author) July 17, 2023


    We hope it’s clear that we don’t agree with her observations or behavior. But it’s a necessary evil to engage with discourse we don’t agree with (perhaps especially if it’s gone “viral,” like this unfortunately has).

  • Bonzo July 18, 2023

    She is just another attention seeking airhead, unfortunately the media here in Europe takes them seriously so they feel all the more entitled and relevant.

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