Former SKE48 idol alleged to be working as prostitute in Tobita Shinchi, Osaka

The tabloid, Otakara, claims that the unnamed former SKE48 idol is now working at Osaka’s Tobita Shinchi red-light district as a prostitute.

According to the magazine, the idol offers blow jobs with a condom for ¥16,000, though kissing is not allowed. Full sex with a condom is also apparently possible.

The idol joined the group in 2009 but was an underdog in the elections. Hmm…we wonder who it could be.

osaka tobita shinchi ske48 idol prostitute sex scandal

We have no way of verifying the truth behind this short of visiting every establishment in Tobita Shinchi (sounds like a fun assignment!), nor have we yet seen the full article in the magazine. However, it is not a unrealistic claim for the tabloid to make, given the pedigree.

As we know, several former AKB48 or sister group members have gone on to have careers in porn, most notably and successfully Yua Mikami (formerly of SKE48). The worlds of gravure and idols are murky ones, with most women not making enough to get by and the popularity of idols often short-lived. It is relatively easy to slide into hostessing or the sex industry. Some idols have been exposed for working as prostitutes even while they are still idols.

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