Adult toy Christmas sale: Get all the best Japanese sex toys with these bargain set lucky bags

Our friends at Kanojo Toys are holding a Christmas sale right now, offering a 20% discount on purchases of adult toys from Japan.

Just use the code HOL19 to claim your discount.

We particularly recommend the Kanojo Toys selection of “lucky bags” and other special packs from major Japanese sex toy brands like Tama Toys and Toy’s Heart.

Not only are these sets a lot of fun — since the contents are random — but also good value, as you usually get toys and item with a total value more than standard price.

First up, the Tama Toys Onahole Value Pack offers a set of four masturbators by one of the biggest names in onholes.

tama toys lucky bag set onahole masturbator

If you want to start off a bondage collection, you can’t go wrong with the Tama Toys BDSM Goods Bargain Treasure Box, which has 25 types of toys and restraints.

tama toys bdsm bondage lucky bag set

The Otoko no Ko Costumes Lucky Bag has a whopping 18 costumes and clothing items for crossdressers.

otoko no ko crossdresser set lucky bag costumes clothes

In a similar vain, the Tama Toys Men’s Gear Bargain Treasure Chest has nine kinds of toys, including such items as an electric anal vibrator, prostate stimulation toy, anal plug, and cock ring.

mens gear anal toy tama japan bargain set lucky bag

If you like dakimakura but are overwhelmed by how many types of pillows and covers there are, try the Insert Hug Pillow Cover Lucky Bag, which contains a bestselling blow-up hug pillow and five covers to get you started.

tama toys insert hug pillow cover case set

There are many more, but here’s just a last one for now. The Toy’s Heart Dream Box Winter 2019 is a lucky bag (well, box!) with a random Toy’s Heart masturbator inside. Which one will you get? Celebrate the end of the year and the start of 2020 with this nice surprise.

toys heart dream box winter 2019 lucky bag set onahole masturbator

Happy Christmas!

japanese sex doll love orient industry silicone

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