When papakatsu goes wrong: Woman arrested over death of 82-year-old man in love hotel

A 24-year-old woman was arrested on January 22 after a 82-year-old man was found dead in a love hotel in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

The man, Katsuzo Imano, was found in the room on the night of January 21, covered in blood and with box-cutter wounds on his chest. The money in his wallet was gone.

The suspect, Haruka Fujii, apparently called a former boyfriend immediately after the crime and then attempted to flee. Fujii, the ex-boyfriend, and his younger brother were apprehended at Nishi-Hachioji Station, just outside Tokyo, the following morning.

papakatsu love hotel murder tokyo japan

The image above shows Fujii shortly before she entered the love hotel with Imano. She was tearful after her arrest, supposedly explaining that she and Imano were in a papakatsu relationship. She had already herself called the police from a payphone, alerting them to the dead body in the room.

As previously discussed on this blog, papakatsu is a recent buzzword given to certain kinds of sugar-daddy relationships that are effectively compensated dating.

Imano lived alone in Saitama City and it seems that loneliness prompted him to start the arrangement. Fujii says that she first met Imano on the streets of Ikebukuro on the day of the incident. She has confessed to having a history of compensated dating.

What went wrong in that hotel room? A disagreement over money or sex? Ultimately, Fujii is now the only one who knows the truth.

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  • i simp megumi January 26, 2022

    papakatsu bloody version

  • Enzo January 27, 2022

    Poor guy. He just wanted some company. This is terrible.

  • TheDude January 29, 2022

    Shows you that young Japanese are bad at simple directions.

    She was supposed to give an old guy a stiff one

    and misheard the instruction and

    Made an old guy into a stiff one.

  • Xenia February 1, 2022

    Poor old guy got the BAD END

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