This office lady started dating older men for money due to remote working

Is compensated dating with sugar daddies increasing among Japanese women due to remote working?

Bunshun Online had an intriguing article suggesting something to that effect. It interviews a 24-year-old female office worker who has started doing “papakatsu,” a newly coined kind of compensated dating where younger women go on dates with older men.

She started her new sideline in January and over the course of the past few months, has met over 60 men this way.

japanese office lady compensated dating

The woman says that shifting to working remotely has changed her whole daily schedule, making it more flexible, whole semi-lockdowns Japan has experienced during the coronavirus pandemic has meant people are not going out as much. Inevitably, people get frustrated in more ways than one just staying at home all the time. They need an outlet for that — and if you can get money at the same time, isn’t it a win-win? This was, it seems, the woman’s thinking.

She gets ¥10,000 for having a dinner date with a man. This can progress to what she euphemistically calls “adult” stuff (i.e., sleeping with the men) for about ¥30,000 at the man’s request, though typically on the second date. She’s apparently slept with 20 men.

The woman works as a civil servant in central Tokyo and spent her childhood at private schools. She was dating an older man until last year. When she was informed of irregularities in her uterus that might lead to cancer, it caused her to rethink her whole life. Indulging in papakatsu was, it seems, the conclusion she reached, though her workplace has resumed working at the office since April, so her schedule is no longer as flexible.

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