Man caught in women-only bathing area, claims to be trans when arrested

A 43-year-old man has been arrested at a hot spring facility in the Mie city of Kuwana for entering the women-only bathing area.

The man, who is described in media reports as unemployed, is from Kasugai in Aichi.

According to police, the man is suspected of sneaking into the women’s baths at around 8:30 pm on November 13.

A female customer alerted a member of staff, who confirmed that a man was washing himself in the female bathing area, and then called the cops.

japan bathing onsen hot spring trans rights

However, the story then becomes complicated because the man told police: “I’m a woman inside, so I can’t understand at all why I’m not allowed to enter the women-only baths.”

The man apparently dressed as a woman, which enabled him to receive entry to the women-only area at the reception desk. It wasn’t until he took his clothes off that he was rumbled.

Please that we are using male pronouns and describing the arrestee as a man because that is what news media is doing. This is the only information we have, and cannot presume anything about the gender identity.

Though Japan has so far largely avoided the intense culture war surrounding trans rights that has engulfed parts of the West, especially the United States and Britain, the strong culture of public bathing makes it a potentially tricky issue.

japan mixed bathing culture couples trans rights

Is this man genuinely trans? If so, it raises all kinds of of questions about how to deal with such people’s identity at hot springs and public baths.

Or was he merely using trans identity as a cloak to mask his real intentions? In which case, how can this be prevented in the future without offending people who are genuinely trans?

In June, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare issued guidance to public baths that they should decide based on physical attributes, and that those “with a male body who feel female inside” should not be allowed into female baths.

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  • Mike Travels November 16, 2023

    he should have self identified as a bar of soap so he could rub on the women’s naked bodies!

  • DannyDs November 16, 2023

    Good thing he didn’t identify as bath water so he can go up their vaginas.
    Clown world.

  • Mr. Gutierrez November 16, 2023

    That’s the problem with gender ideologies.

    So that criminals do not enter the bathrooms posing as women.

    1) They must present their identification card with chip where it is clinically proven that
    the person is trans thanks to the blockchain database.
    To do this, the premises must have the ID reader with chip.
    2) In the premises use cameras with sound.
    but with discretion in the bathrooms
    so as not to violate people’s privacy.

  • Mr. Gutierrez November 16, 2023

    Oh shit! Now Japan will be like Spain. In Spain they imprisoned a thief for aggravated assault but he identified as a woman. The naive police officers put him in the women’s prison without checking to see if he was castrated. In the end the criminal raped some female prisoners and then they imprisoned him in the prison corresponding to his sex and Karma had its effect.

  • Russel November 17, 2023

    Not trans people are the problem here
    Men are the problem

  • Lee Anthony Mroszak November 18, 2023

    Sure fire guaranteed way to determine the gender of any mammal: look at their genitals. There are only male and female. Been this way since the beginning.

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