Ex-AKB48 idol Nana Okada comes out as nonbinary

In a recent interview with Aera, the former AKB48 idol Nana Okada (岡田奈々) has come out as nonbinary.

They don’t explicitly also come as bisexual but the 26-year-old does say they are attracted to both men and women, and that they dated a woman back in 2017 (during their tenure in AKB48, which started in 2012).

nana okada nonbinary japanese music idol akb48

As readers will remember, Okada was fired from AKB48 over a dating scandal in 2022. Until then, she had been one of the most popular members of the idol group.

For a more in-depth analysis of the interview and what Okada reveals, we recommend this thread. Okada is currently promoting their first solo album, which is released this week.

nana okada nonbinary japanese music idol akb48

Other prominent Japanese celebrities to come out as nonbinary include twice-married singer Hikaru Utada.

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  • TK403 November 8, 2023

    Well at least she’s out don’t know much about her from the way I look at her as a tomboyish person..

  • Mike Travels November 8, 2023

    why do people have to “come out”? who cares about the sexuality of others? why do I care who an entertainer is attracted to?

  • Chowder November 8, 2023

    Americans poisoning all the countries of the world as usual

  • Hong November 13, 2023

    Isnt this the retard who quits akb after being found out having a boyfriend and was surveying for a real estate to live together? Heard they even got her parents permission

  • Dimstar1405 January 1, 2024

    non binary my ass she is a she a female a girl a woman.

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