Kiko Mizuhara apparently came out as bisexual

Kiko Mizuhara has rarely shied away from publicity and provocation. From her nude shoots to outspoken views, she is as much a social icon as a fashion one.

Her private life has been complex, involving relationships with high-profile men like K-pop singer G-Dragon and the actor Shuhei Nomura.

She recently added very, very explicit sex scenes to her roster of achievements.

As we recently showcased, the new Netflix film Ride or Die features both nude straight and lesbian scenes. The latter were shot with co-star Honami Sato. As the director said, “One of the reasons this work was not adapted for film for so long was that it was difficult to cast. There are simply few accomplished actresses willing to perform nude scenes.” Well, they certainly found two.

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In an interview with NBC News in mid-April to promote the new movie, she shared: ““When it comes to this film, I didn’t really think too much that it could be an LGBTQ film, because I didn’t feel like that was something that was different. I’ve dated women before, and that’s something that I was incorporating into the character.”

So, is this official? Kiko is bisexual?

It’s not the first time that Mizuhara has hinted at this. She once posted an Instagram selfie taken at Goldfinger, a legendary lesbian bar in Shinjuku, about kissing a woman.

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