20% off all Japanese adult toys and costumes for Halloween

Our good friends at Kanojo Toys, who have the largest and widest selection of Japanese adult toys shipping internationally, are now running a Halloween sale.

Through October 31, you can get 20% off any order (including multiple orders). Just use the promo code Trick to claim your discount.

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Of course, this being Halloween, you could get yourself a great costume and indulge your kinks and fetishes in the bedroom (or at a party, if you have adventurous friends). Catgirls, schoolgirls, waitresses, maids, and much, much more. No surprises there, considering Japan is the country that invented cosplay and all its erotic variations.

But the sale covers all toys in stock — and that means literally thousands of adult goodies, from new arrivals to classic bestsellers. Masturbators, used panties, vibrators, dildos, lubricants, BDSM restraint gear, DVDs. The whole shebang. All 20% off during the sale.

Our personal recommendations from the recent additions are the Super Gyaru Prime Cock Squeezer Folds Vagina (for all your slutty gyaru sex fantasies), Addictive Clit Sucker Vibe (for simultaneous clitoral and vaginal stimulation), and Hame Kyun School Air Doll Ran (for fucking a schoolgirl in the doggy position).

Super Gyaru Prime Cock Squeezer Folds Vagina

Hame Kyun School Air Doll Ran Japanese schoolgirl blowup doll

Addictive Clit Sucker Vibe clitoral and vaginal stimulation toy

Or if you prefer a costume, you’ll certainly make a big impression if you wear the Virgin Killer Sweater to your Halloween party.

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  • Lucy Thai October 27, 2023

    Nice! I am in the market for a new dildo. The time buy is now I guess with that big of a discount

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