Sacked sex-loving TV presenter Miku Natsume returns…with fat cross-dresser

Japan has love hotels, sex shops, adult goods…It’s an erotic paradise. But this is all carefully pigeonholed. Anyone who’s watched mainstream TV here will immediately notice how boring it is. No sex, no nudity, no controversy. Yeah, it’s pretty boring except for the occasional cute presenter.

Well, one such cute lady got herself into some trouble earlier this year.

A picture of Miku Natsume giggling while holding up a box of condoms (Exhibit A on the left), seemingly while lying on a futon with the photographer, led to the sweet gal being sacked from her conservative broadcaster.

hatsume miku sex scandal japan

What’s that all about? Having sex is bad? Having sex with contraception is something to be punished? Hell, she wasn’t even nude. It wasn’t as if she had a threesome! And there are countless other idols and actresses out there who have done very sexy shoots or even fully nude ones, yet they still appear on TV. It seems, if it’s sexy stuff for a magazine shoot or a photo book, then that’s okay. Anything private means your career can be ruined.

Sadly, it seems Miku’s ex-boyfriend sold the pic to a tabloid. What a jerk. He should be grateful he got to screw such a beautiful girl. If it ended badly, just live with your memories. Don’t destroy her dreams. Currently a Google image search of her name brings up for the most part just that sad picture over and over again.

Ah, it’s tough being a lady in Japan.

Okay, well Miku is a cutie so there was never a chance of her just disappearing for good. She’s now a free agent and is back on TV.

I heard about this and got excited (Tadashi was even more over the moon), though I was a bit taken aback when I saw what show she was making her comeback in. It’s a late night program called “Angry New Party,” co-fronted by Japan’s most famous cross-dresser, Masako. Yes, that’s the giant large, very man-like, ahem, lady.

hatsume miku sex scandal japan

Well, at least there is little chance of her being tempted to climb back into bed with someone untrustworthy again for a while!

mitsu no tsubo japanese sex toy luxury

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