These schoolgirls use condoms. Do you?

Well, the Safe Sex Association would be proud.

It is very popular for young Japanese schoolgirls to pose for group pictures in purikura, customizable photo booths where you can add dollops of cute decoration to images.

These six ladies have gone the extra mile to add a message that’s both personal and social.


As the writing says, “We use condoms.”

japanese girl condom

Would you like to partake of some safe sex with these lovely six lasses?

The usual Japanese approach to condoms is not to bother, despite love hotels providing them as a courtesy beside all beds and local maker Sagami boasting of producing the thinnest condoms in the world.

It has led to a very high rate of shotgun weddings, especially among high-profile celebrities.

But if you happen to encounter one of these six girls, you can bet there won’t be able babies being made that night.

Posing for pictures that boast of your condom usage can come back to haunt you, though, as one female TV presenter found out at the temporary cost of her career.

Saying that, the are not the first young Japanese girls to advertise how they prefer to use prophylactic. These slutty girl literally wore her used rubbers with pride!

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