Nyotai Goyomi: Hot Japanese girls tattoo fetish phone app

Imagine learning the date every day by having it literally drawn onto a sexy girl.

Nyotai Goyomi is my new favorite toy. It sends you a photo every day to your iPhone or Android phone of a new girl!

The name means “girl’s body calendar” (女体暦) and the sharp-eyed among you will recognize the first part from semi-mythical nyotai-mori, where apparently people eat food off nature girls. (Spoiler alert: This probably never happens except in gaijin fantasies!)

nyotai tattoo sexy japanese model

Each month has a new theme — nurse, school girl, kimono etc — but tattoos are always sexy, right?

nyotai tattoo sexy japanese model

J-girls with tattoos are not as common as the west and there certainly aren’t so many celebrities sporting skin art.

nyotai tattoo sexy japanese model

In fact, it *can* be a good mark of a slutty girl if you see one with a tattoo (irezumi), so they can ironically function like a beacon for guys looking to get laid.

nyotai tattoo sexy japanese model

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