Shamed model and actress Karina attempts comeback after leaked Hawaii sex photo scandal

Japanese model and actress Karina (30) has made her first appearance after disappearing from public view since spring this year, when the weekly tabloid magazine Friday ran a picture of her in a supposedly post-coital passed-out state.

The world was shocked when Karina, mostly known as a fashion model and innocuous TV actress, was pictured partly naked with her legs spread wide open. Not just unflattering, it was overtly sexual and dirty — not Karina’s usual clean image. Friday published the image in March this year, though it actually dates back to a party in Hawaii in summer two years ago when Karina was there to learn English.

karina nose japanese model actress singer sex scandal hawaii party taiwanese student spread legs photo picture leak

Karina (real name Karina Nose) has seen her career evaporate as a result of the sex scandal, though she tried to salvage things by saying the man in the picture was her current boyfriend.

We all know that Guam and Hawaii trips to learn English or diving are excuses for young Japanese to sleep around, especially with foreigners. And such is the case even if you are a famous model and actress.

She allegedly got drunk at a party at a condo in Hawaii in June 2012 and started making out with a Taiwanese classmate. Apparently they then had sex in the early hours during the party and all the others could hear.

The leaked photo was this…

karina nose japanese model actress singer sex scandal hawaii party taiwanese student spread legs photo picture leak

In Japanese these types of leaked photos are known as nyan-nyan shashin. Karina joins a long list of other celebrities such as Aya Hirano, Miku Natsume and ex-AKB48 Atsuko Maeda who have been shown in drunken, sexual or otherwise unflattering scenarios, offending fans, agency overlords, and sponsors who like their celebrity endorsers completely personality-less and pure.

At time of writing, searching “Karina” in Japanese on Google Image brings up a first suggestion of “straddle”, referring to her spread-leg pose in the notorious picture. Here’s Kuroko Shirai showing us how it’s done with a little more style.

shirai kuroko spread legs japanese girl sexy masturbate

Usually, though, after keeping their head below the water for a while the shamed celebrity is able to make a comeback.

In Karina’s case, it was in familiar territory, appearing unannounced at Tokyo Girl’s Collection’s autumn and winter fashion show on September 6th.

karina nose japanese model actress singer sex scandal hawaii party taiwanese student spread legs photo picture leak

We now wait to see if she can make a full transition into being a mainstream entertainer again.


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  • Confused Guy September 9, 2014

    I don’t get the different standards expected for these ladies. She was 28 at the time, almost an old lady by Japan standards, and her sex scandal is that she HAD sex?! Then you have JAV stars, Mihiro my porn crush, who had sex with hundreds of guys and she can go about her life like nothing is shameful, and even held fan meet and greets. Weird.

  • Tadashi Anahori (Post author) September 9, 2014

    @Confused Guy

    We agree. Getting drunk and getting laid in Hawaii certainly doesn’t match with her public persona but it’s very minor in the grand scheme of things. The picture is very unflattering, that’s for sure, so it might have shocked fans more for just being so un-Karina and unattractive, rather than for the implied sex.

    Ultimately, though, it’s not about what ordinary people think, just the honchos in the talent agencies, TV broadcasters, sponsors and magazine publishers…

  • Seras September 10, 2014

    Might be not very lady-like but it’s kinda sexy to see a girl just relaxing legs spread after having good sex. With all the fuzz that “The Fappening” caused in the media, now I want this to happen in Japan. Makes you wonder how many of the AKB’s would appear in scandalous situations (C’mon Mayu Watanabe, ‘cuz we know that this girl does more that just kissing her teammates xDD ) .

  • Lang Weixian April 6, 2024

    No matter how much you defend this type of scandal and the end of the day it is just business. If she/he comes in the way that can harm your business it is a brainer to just stay away from them.

    If you have maintained the “good” persona and suddenly that drops to something bad it is always hard to come back from it.

    The people comparing these with the porn actresses. They bring money by doing their jobs and not being 2 faced people.

    There are not tons of sponsors and ad agencies which depend on the face of the actors/actress, there are whole people and industries behind them if they are affected whole people behind her will be so, this thing goes on but the unnecessary bullying that fans cause is still bullshit. It is their life they made a mistake and some jealous mofo leaked their pictures does not affect those “Fans” lives. Like why the hell do they have to aggressively abuse the victim afterwards?

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