Grandfather discovers grandson’s Tenga Onacup masturbation toy, reuses it as flower vase for altar

We all have experience of parents and other relatives poking around in our bedrooms and finding things we’d rather they didn’t. In Japan, one of these is frequently an adult manga, porn magazine, or masturbation aid like an onahole toy or Tenga cup. This might well result in red faces for everyone when our masturbation habits are exposed.

But we think this is taking things to a whole other level.

One young Japanese man’s masturbatory aid was not only found by his grandfather, it was then promptly recycled for quite a novel use.

The man in question — sharing the story under his Twitter account @koniy0805 — went home for a visit, he found his Tenga Onacup not only out of the drawer or other secret cubbyhole where he had kept it hidden, but very much placed on view for the everyone to see. And this includes the living and the dead.

His grandfather had stumbled upon the red cup and, not knowing what it is and thinking it would serve nicely as an attractive vase, had placed it on the Buddhist altar in memory @koniy0805’s deceased grandmother. So there it stood right, next to the grandmother’s photo, with some pretty flowers poking out of it.

tenga onacup masturbation aid toy buddhist altar flower vase grandfather japan grandson discover mistake funny dead family member grandmother

@koniy0805 claimed that he hadn’t been home in a while and that the Tenga was (presumably tongue-in-cheek) gift from colleagues at a former workplace when he left the job. (He clearly worked at our kind of place!)

He was obviously shocked by how his (possibly used) sex toy had become a flower vase to decorate a memorial. The one in the picture looks like a fairly makeshift version, but such butsudan Buddhist altars are typical features of Japanese homes, often supplemented by a bowl of rice, drinks, and other snacks ostensibly for the spirit of the deceased to consume.

However, people have pointed out that even Tenga is not unaware of the similarity of its onacup masturbation toys to horticultural vessels. It once created a promotional Tenga Onacup that functioned as a lacquered flower vase. Now that’s what we call luxury masturbation.

lacquer urushi onacup premium tenga flower vase


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  • Luca March 5, 2019

    The flower will bloom even more with all the extra nutritions it’s getting from the Tenga.

  • Gohta Takeshita March 6, 2019

    The seed is strong!!!

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