Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale: 20% off Japanese adult toys

Celebrate Thanksgiving in the best way possible: by busting a nut!

Our friends at Kanojo Toys, the biggest online source of Japanese adult toys, are now running a Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale.

During the sale, all items in store are 20% off if you use the coupon code BFCM. (And here’s a pro tip: if you subscribe to the Kanojo Toys newsletter, you can get an even better deal!)

kanojo toys black friday cyber monday sale 2023

Everything is discounted, from classic bestsellers to the latest arrivals.

Among our personal recommendations of new products, we like the Japanese Real Hole Geki Jun Kasui Masturbator (based on a Japanese porn star’s pussy), 2.5D Girlfriend Piledriver Position Version (an inflatable toy in the piledriver sex position), and Niece Sweat Smell Spray (for those times when you want to add the scent of a young Japanese female body to your costumes, bedding, and toys).

The sale runs through November 29. Is it too early to get yourself a Christmas present you really want?

japanese used panties buy

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