Tokyo police arrest man for ejaculating onto teenager’s skirt on train

Tokyo police have arrested a 25-year-old man for ejaculating onto a teenager’s skirt on a morning train.

The arrest was recently announced but the actual incident allegedly took place on November 19, 2021, on a train traveling on the Seibu Ikebukuro line between Shakujii-koen and Ikebukuro stations some time after seven o’clock.

japan pervert male ejaculate onto school student teenager girls body skirts arrested chikan train crime

The man is suspected of ejaculating onto the female teenager’s skirt, which others noticed when the girl got off the train. A member of staff at the train station then alerted the police.

The man was caught and identified almost two years later because he is under investigation for a separate incident and he voluntarily submitted evidence (presumably a DNA or semen sample that matched what was on the girl’s skirt).

japan pervert male ejaculate onto school student teenager girls body skirts arrested chikan train crime

The man, named as Hibiki Saito in media reports, works for Setagaya ward office and lives in Hachioji City, west Tokyo. His arrest is on suspicion of causing “property damage,” which is a strange crime considering the sexual and public nature of the offense.

Saito’s excuse was that he didn’t managed to get out a tissue or handkerchief in time to catch his payload. He is suspected of unzipping himself right there on the train and squeezing one out, blissfully indifferent to the presence of other passengers.

Another incident of “property damage” involving a male teacher at an elementary school in Fukui has also shocked people: back in July, the teacher jerked off in a room next to where children were playing.

And what did he do with his ejaculate? He shot his load into a female student’s hat.

There are echoes of the Saito case here. “I didn’t have a tissue or handkerchief,” the teacher told police, who arrested him in August after the girl’s mother figured out something was strange about the hat and reported it to the cops.

Like Saito, he was also arrested for property damage and fined ¥100,000. The local educational board has determined that spanking the monkey did not constitute an obscene motivation toward the girl in question (whom he apparently did not know), and merely suspended him for a year.

The 35-year-old teacher ultimately resigned in October, shortly before the case became known more widely, presumably realizing that he wouldn’t ever be able to return to work and face a class of elementary school kids with a clear conscience.

We’ve all been horny before, but there’s a time and place for everything. Come on, guys, keep it in your pants until you have some privacy — and some tissues to hand!

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