Japanese train groping videos are selling on Chinese websites

Gropers on trains in Japan are filming their activities and selling them on websites in China, according to an investigation by the BBC.

The recently published report claims that public molestation videos are a growing market, with content sourced from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and mainland China.

Known as chikan in Japan and most common on public transport like crowded trains, groping is a widespread social problem in East Asia. Public awareness of it is very high, with posters at train stations warning people to be vigilant, and even women-only carriages on rush-hour trains.

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The report highlights a Chinese-language website called DingBuZhu (“I can’t hold it” in Chinese that features chikan videos, some selling for less than $1. The trail leads to other websites and a Twitter account posting chikan videos.

The report also locates a Telegram group where people share tips on how to grope women (this is not really new; there have been secret online “clubs” for chikan fetishists for a long time, sharing knowledge and even meeting up for mass chikan events).

The investigation tracks down various Chinese people living in Tokyo creating and distributing these videos online to customers. The cottage industry centers on a man who goes by the name Uncle Qi, a kind of “chikan guru,” who the reporters finds and confronts.

From Tokyo, Uncle Qi manages a team of 15 people, 10 of whom are in China. They provide Uncle Qi (aka Maomi) with 30-100 videos per month, which he sells on three websites to 10,000 (mostly Chinese) paying members.

The content of these chikan videos apparently unfolds according to similar “genre” patterns and tropes: the filming male is behind the female victim on the platform and follows her on to a train, where he continues to film himself on his phone molesting her, though the victim is often unaware of the act or unable to identify the groper because the train is crowded.

The filming men are satisfying their own kink, though this fetish is arguably further augmented by two things: chikan as a genre in Japanese adult video, which may promote or enhance such a fetish; and the presence of consumers who want to watch and buy real chikan videos.

As the BBC report describes, though, there are also sex clubs that simulate the experience of groping a woman on a train inside a regular room in a building. We think this is a worthy service: it lets people explore their fantasies with consenting sex workers and, presumably or hopefully, the patrons don’t then do it in real life.

“I think it’s important for men to be able to pay to vent in place like this, so they don’t commit rape and other forms of sexual assault,” the manager of the club tells the BBC.

There is, though, another possibility: that such clubs just feed their fantasies and make them seek out other kinds of more extreme content and experiences, including real-life chikan.

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  • anon June 9, 2023

    The BBC?

    This another video where they masturbate their own ego saying “LOOK HOW GREAT THE UK IS COMPARED TO JAPAN!” ?

    Fuck the BBC.

  • Wolf46 June 9, 2023

    The BBC lost credibility when it sold out to minorities who follow the WOKE ideology.
    The ONU and the American Democrats have destroyed England, Germany,
    Spain, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Brazil with their ideologies.
    They are hypocrites and they are not interested in humanity, only their monetary benefit.
    My japanese friends do not allow the help of these.

  • Kenshin June 9, 2023

    According BBC if this is social problems in Eastern Asia! Fucking step-daughter, fucking step-mother, fucking step-daddy aren’t social problems in western countries? According statistics 70% children are molested by their step-daddies in western countries! This isn’t social problems! Why don’t they talk about it? Actually BBC and some leading western news are biased and racist.

  • Chris_vl June 15, 2023

    IF I would be a woman in Japan, I especially would always choose the men wagons in rush hours and would let them all do what they want.

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