Police phone app helps foil chikan train groper

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s chikan (molesting) app Digi Police (Digital Police) has won plaudits for recently leading to the arrest of a man in his fifties, who was allegedly groping the body of a young girl on a crowded train.

The incident happened on the morning of April 15 on a train running between Saitama and Tokyo. A girl in her teens used the app to notify that she was being groped.

Chikan is a notoriously serious problem on public transport in Japan. Frequently, trains are so crowded that a victim of chikan cannot move and is unable to identify who is molesting them. In this way, perpetrators can get away with doing it for surprisingly long periods of time on a moving train.

The girl’s help message appeared on her screen and a nearby male passenger noticed. Asking her if she needed help, the girl pressed a button on her screen to turn on a voice message saying “Please stop it.” The man then realized what the alleged groper was doing and was able to detain him.

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The free app was introduced in March 2016 but did not originally have an anti-chikan function. It was later updated with the ability to display a message and play a voice message related to chikan. The app also includes route information on nearby convenience stores and police boxes (substations).

A more recent update in early April also added another screen message for asking someone if they are being groped. Sometimes, a victim may not be able to take out their phone or may not have the app. If you suspect someone nearby is being groped, you can use the app to display the message and show it to them.

The app has received approximately 480,000 downloads.

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  • beyond culture April 22, 2022

    i wonder if there actually girl/women out there who actually want to be grope lol

    maybe i watch too much av lmao

  • TheDude April 22, 2022

    Maybe one percent of Japanese girls get turned on by it probably less. You are definitely watching too much JAV and deserve a good spanking from a severe dominatrix. Some women do like chikan play if done with their BF
    There is a big difference between quasi rape and consensual perversion

  • beyond culture April 22, 2022

    @TheDude definitely more than 1%

    they just suppressing their opinion, rape not supposed to be consensual lol

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