Peeping Tom in Fukuoka falls several floors

When someone is hurt, you should always help them out, right? It’s a universal human law.

But not everyone who is hurt is 100% a victim, as this cautionary tale reveals.

A man fell down onto an apartment balcony, seriously injuring himself. His bloody body was found on the ground by a resident. He had fallen several floors while trying to lower himself from the roof with a rope.

peeping tom japan injury crime

Though it happened back in May, the incident was only reported in the Japanese media last week. This is because he has now been referred to the prosecutors following his physical recovery.

Wearing tabi shoes, the man got into the seven-floor building in Chuo ward, Fukuoka, at night and then attempted to climb down from the rope by rope. Why? You guessed it: he was a peeping Tom who wanted to sneak a peek at women in their apartments.

In between his pained groans, the man avoided questions about what he had been doing at the time when asked by the resident who found him, and then the medics after they arrived to take him to hospital. They were understandably confused by the rope that was dangling above him.

He later confirmed to police what he had actually been doing and explained that he had fallen because he didn’t have enough strength to stay on the rope.

“I wanted to see into a girl’s room,” he is reported to have said.

Which all goes to show that if you’re a voyeur, you need to very committed and very fit to succeed. Or you end up both in hospital and in handcuffs.

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