Three in four Japanese women admit to sex with a coworker

All those hundreds of thousands of office ladies slaving away in Japan’s corporations are not as bored or subservient as you might think.

An online survey by konkatsu “marriage-hunting” web portal Aikatsu asked 1,162 women if they had had sex with someone from their workplaces. More than three in four women admitted to having slept with a coworker.

Given the amount of time that many Japanese people spend at their companies as well as the relatively high number of social events that take place among colleagues, especially nighttime drinking, it is not surprising that many relationships and affairs emerge between coworkers.

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But even so, three in four women?! Over 75%?!

According to one summary of the results:

45.5% of the survey participants said that not only had they had sex with a male colleague, and that the physical union had happened without the two being in a committed romantic relationship. An additional 32.2% said they’d only crossed that line after entering into a relationship with a male coworker, leaving just 22.3% who had never mixed business with consenting-adult pleasure.

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Of course, many of these encounters of the flesh are flings and affairs — perhaps most stereotypically between a married older male colleague and younger OL. But this might not always be the case. Married Japanese women or those in a relationship also commonly have affairs, as recent data has shown.

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  • heatran June 6, 2018

    >leaving just 22.3% who had never mixed business with consenting-adult pleasure.

    i dont get it. does it mean that they have been raped or something? im assuming that this numbers are the hundred percent(32.2+22.3+45.5) of the 75% women who engaged in sex.

  • Tadashi Anahori (Post author) June 6, 2018


    To be honest, we got confused, too, so just decided to quote them and see if anyone else could make sense of the numbers.

  • Luca June 6, 2018

    Is this the first time you guys post an uncensored vagina shot?

  • Tadashi Anahori (Post author) June 6, 2018


    We now have well over 2,000 published posts, so it’s hard to find an exact example immediately — but we are pretty confident we have posted images of uncensored vaginas before.

    For starters, check out:


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