Take a tour inside a Japanese love hotel

“Let’s play sex,” the guide explains.

We’ve seen these kinds of videos before but they are always fun to watch.

theme crazy love hotel japan sendai room

This time it’s The Hotelion in Sendai that provides YouTuber Abroad in Japan with the opportunity to go inside and check out the rooms.

As we know, the somewhat infamous hotels with crazy themes are actually something of a rarity — most hotels are relatively ordinary.

But the amenities are certainly special and, while the the video revels in the unusual themed rooms available at The Hotelion, it wisely focuses on these details, too. (Also note the non-scented body soap. It’s like that for a particular reason.) The video also highlights the discretion and anonymity available to guests at a hotel.

theme crazy love hotel japan sendai room

Another interesting point is that, because it’s a regional hotel, guests will come by car. The hotel has alcohol available for low prices, which you might think is asking for trouble. But the video explains that this is a sales tactic: guests drink and then end up staying overnight, rather than just a few hours, since they can no longer legally drive home.

Some of the rooms not featured in the video but visible on the hotel website include one with a rock climbing wall and another with a boxing bag.

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