Survey finds that people in Japan prefer food to sex

As spotted on Twitter by Unseen Japan, a recently announced survey about sex had some troubling results for people in Japan.

The survey asked “What’s the most pleasurable thing for you?” and, not surprisingly, sex came out top in most countries, though “delicious food” was the top-ranked response in Japan. Any quick glance at the food porn that comprises most of the content of TV shows in the nation will confirm the veracity of this, perhaps, but is it a bad sign? Or rather, just what we already knew from previous research?

Sex was bested in Japan by spending time with a loved one, holding someone, and laughing. Sex came in at a meagre number 5.

sexless japan survey tenga food priority pleasure

sexless japan survey tenga food priority pleasure

More cause for concern, however, than the ranking of priorities is that the Japanese respondents to the survey also expressed the lowest level of satisfaction about sex with their partners. Just 9% said that having sex with their partner is “extremely satisfying.” A fairly sizable 30% percent said it was not really satisfying or totally not satisfying, only just beaten by the 32% who said it was “quite satisfying,” while another 30% said “none of the above.”

It should be noted, though, that the results were not much better for the South Korean respondents. People in the outgoing nations of America and Spain seem to have the most satisfying sex with their partners, while the UK, France, and Germany are not too far behind.

The survey is by Tenga, which also conducts serious sex research alongside developing its own range of bestselling masturbation and adult toys. Tenga is on another one of its headline-grabbing runs, following the Tenga Cracker last Christmas, the Tenga iPhone case, and, most recently, the newly released Tenga Geo and its tie-in promotional masturbation sofa.

The survey was quite extensive, covering 10,000 people in nine countries across the West and Asia. However, it has been rightly probed how certain questions were translated into the respective languages, which would quite likely affect the responses.

mitsu no tsubo japanese sex toy luxury

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