Survey finds most Japanese choose food over sleep or sex

When all is said and done, the human race is driven by some pretty basic urges: eat, sleep, and fuck. Everything else is ultimately just window dressing for what we have come to call civilization and society.

But of the three, which is the most important for people today in our nominally sophisticated age? Specifically, which do Japanese people value the most?

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Japanese survey site Sirabee set out to find the answer to this question by asking 1,781 men and women in Japan, aged between their teens and sixties.

Which could you not live without? Food, sleep, or sex?

Almost 54% of those polled said food, whereas sleep gained a respectable result of just under 39%. Sex, on the other hand, only got 7.6%.

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The results perhaps confirm the Japanese obsession with food — as any glance at a TV schedule will attest — and the ongoing issue of sexlessness in the nation.

Sure, these results are probably going to be the same in most places, but the difference between the numbers is quite staggering. We suspect that it would not be so low for sex in other regions.

Of course, it’s a silly hypothesis in the first place. No one can live without food or sleep, and the race couldn’t lie without sex.

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