Survey claims majority of Japanese college students are virgins

Oh, dear, another silly headline to start our day. Please indulge us once again…

This time it’s a survey by the Japanese Association for Sex Education, using 2017 data collected from Japanese college and university students that has been (no doubt selectively) parsed to produce a clickbaity sensational find.

We first stumbled upon this in English on SoraNews24, though the original source is the Japanese news.

Yes, most colleges kids are still virgins.

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Well, college starts at 18 (same age as the lovely Nana Asakawa, pictured above), so is it a particular shock? Let’s take a look at some of the details here…

A total of 13,000 responses were collected, and when sorted by age, the researchers found that roughly 30% of college students have never gone on a date, with just 71.8% of college men and 69.3 percent of college women saying they’ve been on a romantic outing. These were the lowest numbers ever recorded in the survey, which was first done in 1974. The new lows are down more than 10 percent from the peak for each sex, which were 81.9% for men in 1999 and 82.4% for women in 2005.

Thirty percent of college students have never gone on a date. We’re not sure if that’s surprising or not. We certainly weren’t among that number, back in the day, but of course, there are also different definitions of “date.”

Here’s a breakdown of some of the data.

College men who have kissed:
2005: 73.7%
2011: 65.6%
2017: 59.1%

College women who have kissed:
2005: 73.5%
2011: 62.2%
2017: 54.3%

And the data for students who have actually had sex, there were similar drops compared to their peaks in 2005.

College men who have had sex:
2005: 63%
2011: 53.7%
2017: 47%

College women who have had sex:
2005: 62.2%
2011: 46%
2017: 36.7%

Though this is a decline, it’s still overall a rise if you go back to the first surveys done in the mid-1970s, when less college men and women had kissed or had sex compared to today. So is this just a temporary blip of sexlessness in Japanese history?

For those inclined, you can find the original data on the Japanese Association for Sex Educationwebsite.

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