Old man filmed jerking off to Japanese high school girl on public train

If you thought that old guys upskirting girls in Shibuya during Halloween was bad, wait till you’ve seen this!

A short video uploaded to Twitter on November 3rd shows a man masturbating in public on a train while seated opposite at least one schoolgirl who was filming.

japan masturbating man jerking off train public schoolgirls

The as-yet unnamed man, who would seem to be in his sixties, can be seen using his manpurse-style bag to half-hide his crotch as he begins rigorously jerking off.

The 13-second clip is unconfirmed and unverified, but appears to be genuine. The camera at one point pans up to reveal his face. Details regarding the context behind the incident or location as well as what happened afterwards are not known at this point.

It has been shared widely on Twitter by a user calling herself Miyuki. She says that train was empty when the incident occurred. If her profile is accurate, she is a high school student in second grade.

The video went viral and has been viewed 2.54 million times as of writing. In later tweets, she says that she went to the police to report the incident.

Unfortunately, this is not a unique occurrence but rather the kind of thing that happens to many female students in Japan. It also reminds us of the elderly gentleman caught in 2017 plucking his pubic hair on a train and casually leaving it on the sleeping schoolgirl next to him.

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