Halloween sale: 20% off all Japanese adult toys

Our friends at Kanojo Toys are having a Halloween sale over the weekend.

You can get 20% all their toys. Just use the promo code Trick to claim your discount when placing your order. The code is available for multiple orders too, so you can keep claiming the discount throughout the sale, which ends November 2 (Japan time).

kanojo toys japanese adult buy sale halloween 2022

As regular readers will know, Kanojo Toys is the largest online shop selling Japanese adult toys internationally. It adds sometimes up to 10 or 12 new products daily, and has a catalog of thousands of onaholes/masturbators, dildos, vibrators, sex dolls, porn DVDs, lubricants, and more.

This also includes loads of great costumes, cosplay, and lingerie items for spicing up fantasy role plays — or making that appearance at the fancy dress party truly memorable.

Here are a few of our favorite costumes.

The Miss Bondage Kinky Leotard Costume takes the signature gimp look of a bondage suit and turns it into an easy-to-wear leotard costume with stunning results.

miss bondage kinky leotard costume japanese sexy

Catgirls are all the rage, but for something a bit different, the Cowgirl Costume includes a dress, knee-high socks, and headband.

sexy japanese cowgirl costume

And if you’re going to choose a costume, get one that’s endorsed by someone who knows all about sex. That’s precisely what you get with the Minami Aizawa’s Favorite Costume Sexy Nurse, which is from a series of collaborations between adult brand Nippori Gift and the top Japanese adult video star.

minami aizawa nurse costume sexy japanese porn star

japanese used panties buy

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