Satoshi seen kissing Pikachu in Shibuya

Gotta catch them all!

Well, there are so many Pokémon that that aspiration is surely impossible. But it seems you can catch the important ones.

Satoshi not only caught Pikachu, but was spotted giving Pikachu a good kiss.

pikachu cosplay couple sex shibuya tokyo kissing

Namely, a guy dressed as Satoshi (Ash Ketchum in the West) was recently seen kissing a lady friend dressed as Pikachu in a backstreet of Shibuya.

The young couple, presumably at the end of a successful date, were surreptitiously filmed in an alleyway exploring each other’s faces. The four-second video subsequently uploaded to Twitter on October 24 has gone viral. The uploader suggests that they hooked up during the Shibuya Halloween cosplay.

The guy’s Satoshi costume is relatively straightforward, but the girl’s Pikachu gear is on the decidedly sexy side of things, showing off plenty of legs (it’s still just about warm enough in Tokyo to get away with that much unclothed flesh).

By the way she’s grinding up against him, they look like they are about to head up Dogenzaka to Love Hotel Hill to finish off the night in style! Otherwise they risk venturing into roshutsu sex territory real fast, though we guess that wouldn’t be a first for the danker corners of Shibuya. (Heck, we even once spotted a video of a guy giving himself a handjob while kissing his girl among the crowds at Scramble Crossing.)

This is all par for the course in Shibuya and other districts of Tokyo right now, which are flooded with young people in cosplay costumes for Halloween. Wait, Pokémon cosplay at Halloween?! Yes, that’s also par for the course: a lot, perhaps most, of the costumes you see people wearing during the impromptu street parties in Shibuya and elsewhere are not traditional Halloween costumes, and Pokémon, Mario, and so on are popular choices.

While the smooching couple’s costumes are tame enough to get into Universal Studios Japan, which recently announced a ban on sexy clothing, we expect their antics might get their thrown out. But in Shibuya, all such rules go out the window.

So head down to Center Gai to find your own Pikachu lady in the alleyways.

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  • Kaaser23 October 26, 2022

    well that’s not the first that happen I think this always happen during Halloween in Shibuya.

  • Teena October 27, 2022

    i hope they don’t breed

  • 新人 October 27, 2022

    Gotta catch ‘em all

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