Hotel window sex couple have the time of their lives

It’s a well-established trope in porn scenes and sexual fantasies the world over, but we think it’s pretty rare to see it in the wild.

A couple fucking up against the window of a hotel room in a tall building looking out over the city or some other spectacular view.

But have you ever actually done it? Or seen people doing it?

Ranchan recently managed to get an amazing picture of such a couple having passionate sex right up against a window — and, even better, generously posted it on Twitter last week for us all to enjoy (and envy).

The lucky man wears a hotel-style white dressing gown while the woman is completely naked. It’s a little blurry but the impressive position seems to involve the man holding the woman up with his arms under her knees. And is she, like him, facing the window? As if he’s showing off her body for the world to take in?

japan tokyo hotel window sex couples

japan tokyo hotel window sex couples

They either don’t know or don’t care if other people can see them have the time of their lives.

The name of the hotel is unfortunately not known. The original poster, perhaps intentionally, has not revealed this vital piece of information, though it’s possible that the location and view commonly inspire guests to try window sex at night. We presume he was in another hotel room looking out at the other hotel.

He was able to snap more than one couple engaging in the act.

japan tokyo hotel window sex couples

japan tokyo hotel window sex couples

We have now found our new task for Golden Week.

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