Couple filmed having sex in public park in rural Japan during the New Year holidays

The end-of-year period in Japan is a bit like Christmas in Europe and North America. Everyone has time off work and spends it with their family doing various traditional things like eating certain dishes or watching terrible TV shows.

In the prefecture of Kochi, though, some people instead chose to have sex in public parks.

At least, this couple did, since they were flagrantly filmed by a passerby and eventually had to be stopped by the party-pooping local police.

kochi tsuitemae park public outdoor sex roshutsu japan video watch tape photo amateur

kochi tsuitemae park public outdoor sex roshutsu japan video watch tape photo amateur

Photos of the incident, which apparently took place in Tsuitemae Park in the prefectural capital of Kochi, seems to show a man undressing a woman, giving her head, and then penetrating her — all wide out in the open. No skulking behind a bush for this intrepid, horny pair!

There is also a reasonably clear video, in which the man licks and fingers his female partner and then prepares to penetrate her, all while she moans (presumably in pleasure, though it might have been the frigid temperature).

Still, if you think this constitutes public indecency, wait till you’ve seen what young couples get up to at Scramble Crossing in the heart of Shibuya!

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  • Luke January 8, 2020

    The dude who took the video will not be hired as an AV cameraman anytime soon.

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