Christmas sale: 20% off all Japanese adult toys

Our friends at Kanojo Toys, the biggest online source of Japanese adult toys shipping anywhere worldwide, are holding a Christmas sale.

You can currently get 20% off any order. The sale runs through at least December 26 (in all time zones) and the code is valid on multiple orders (so you can get something on different days and still claim the discount, if you’re indecisive like us).

To claim your discount, use the code XMAS at the checkout.

kanojo toys christmas 2023 sale discount adult japanese

We were browsing the latest arrivals at Kanojo Toys (something like six or more toys are added every day), and spotted a lot of toys we want to try.

We are keen to have fun with the Japanese Real Hole Geki Saika Kawakita Masturbator, the top adult video star’s newest onahole that is set to cement her fandom further.

Japanese Real Hole Geki Saika Kawakita Masturbator

Japanese Real Hole Geki Saika Kawakita Masturbator

The Floor Pad 23 Onahole continues the successful series of masturbators that you place on the floor or bed, and then lay down on top of it. The result is a sensation of very deep penetration.

Floor Pad 23

And if you really want to splash out, the Maji Hada Mesu-Dachi Kai DX Large Body Hole Soft is a posable doll-masturbator with the body of a schoolgirl. It comes with two holes as well as gym clothes and bloomers.

Maji Hada Mesu-Dachi Kai DX Large Body Hole Soft

Maji Hada Mesu-Dachi Kai DX Large Body Hole Soft

At this time of year, Japanese adult brands also release various “lucky box” or “lucky bag” items that are bundle packs of various random toys. It’s a great way to get up a good deal, though be aware that the exact selection of items is always unknown.

And with the yen so low these days, the prices on these toys are ridiculously cheap! There’s never been a better excuse for getting yourself (or your partner) an adult-themed Christmas present.

japanese used panties buy

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