Otaku designs software for squeezing breast milk

As we know, there are plenty of people in Japan with oedipal fetishes enough to make lactating milk a major subculture in the porn and sex industry.

Well, this otaku took it a step further.

He wanted to squeeze breasts and pump out milk so bad that he designed a computer software system that lets him do that to 2D images on a screen!

japan otaku breast milk oppai squeeze screen computer

Using a camera and a PC to pinpoint the spot of “milk discharge”, he crafted a program whereby he can touch the breast on the screen and then it produces an instantaneous fountain of milk!

Here’s the video… Keep watching for the really creepy stuff where the girls get younger. (Tip: since this is Nico Nico Douga, if you want to turn off the scrolling comments then click the speech bubble icon at the bottom.)

Our advice to this gentleman would be to get your hands on some milky mother pornography or one of KanojoToys’ great oppai breast toys.

japanese sex doll love orient industry silicone

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