Lactating breast, “Milky Mother” complex fetish sex clubs in Tokyo

I know some of you boys have a thing for breasts. Some of you even have a thing for big breasts, including when they are particularly bulbous while the lady is pregnant.

kumiko takeda idol sexy pregnant maternity nude

Now how about lactating breasts? Drinking the milky excretions and fluids from a large, liquidly bosom?

If breastfeeding sounds like your cup of tea (or other drink), then head on up to Ikebukuro, one the darkest and dirtiest district in Tokyo. Among the tangle of Chinese brothels, you can find at least one fuzoku (sex club), Milky Baby, catering to the lactating breasts and pregnant women (ninpu) fetish in Japan.

japan pregnant women porn sex club lactating

These places promise clients they can drink direct from the bosom as well as all the other usual fun you can have with big titties and a maternal woman caring to your every breast milk needs.

Japanese men are famous for their mother complex and in many ways hostesses, housewife spouses and other female figures spend their lives playing this role for the man. As us women seek slightly more independent and forthright lives, fortunately Oedipal men have fetish clubs where they can still get their maternal kicks through sexual jinks and wet-nurse cosplay fun.

There are different “courses” at Milky Baby and its ilk, such as going on a date with a pregnant woman, or watching a pregnant woman touch herself in the the dark while blindfolded. Plus options like golden shower or getting your ears tenderly cleaned. Hell, you can even go the full hog and wear a bib and nappy!

japan pregnant fetish lactating breasts

japan pregnant fetish anime sex prostitute

Pregnant sexy Japanese celebrities doing nude shoots has also become popular in recent years too. The “maternity nude” craze has include signer hitomi, idol Rio Natsume, actress Kumiko Takeda, and more. Britney Spears et al eat your hearts out!

hitomi maternity pregnant naked nude hair full frontal body

hitomi maternity pregnant naked nude hair full frontal body

rio natsume maternity pregnant naked nude hair full frontal body

It seems that if you are a Japanese porn star, of course you don’t use condoms so the chances of pregnancy, even with the skills of male bukkake (cum shot), are fairly high.

No worries! There are plenty of opportunities to then pursue pregnancy pornography film titles, either on your own or in massive group sex movies!

japan pregnant amateur porn student nakadashi jav

japanese girl milk breasts sexy lactating drink liquid

japanese sex doll love orient industry silicone

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  • tokyonanpa January 9, 2012

    this is awesome. definitely on my list of club visits

  • Deripmav January 15, 2012

    Really bad for children, it should be forbidden

  • KUTSO February 16, 2017

    Beautiful and wonderful, should be available in every country. There is nothing more natural for humans to eat than human breast milk!

  • Jon roberts May 20, 2017

    I agree with kutso, this should be in every country. In fact, there’s now a website specifically devoted to this topic:

  • tokyomama April 11, 2021

    You can also find more info at

  • Oedipus August 30, 2021

    I had my first sex with a buxom lactating mother who was our neighbour. It was early in my teens. My mother disliked me very much and I longed for mother’s love. During our summer vacation they left me with her. Her husband was a long distance lorry driver. The space is limited to explain in detail. The very first night I asked her to breastfeed me. She has seen my mother hitting me and she understood my fear for my mother. I had sex with her while sucking milk from her breasts. Also I called her ‘mommy, mommy,’ while fucking her. She became my surrogate mother. I do not feel ashamed or suffer from guilty-complex. There were many lactating mothers who breastfed me and had sex. Having sex with a lactating mother is orgasmic. In the beginning they protest mildly when I call them, ‘you’re my mommy,’ while fucking but they know how much I long for mother’s love. I keep my erect cock inside their warm pussy (not making any motions) and go on sucking milk. It’s difficult to prevent ejaculating but with practice I can control. It’s very enjoyable. Best sex is with lactating mothers. Oedipus

  • kkk March 17, 2022

    who is the girl in first picture

  • Tadashi Anahori March 17, 2022


    Kumiko Takeda.

  • kkk March 23, 2022

    @Tadashi Anahori

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