29-year-old Osaka teacher busted for prostitution to pay off make-up bills

It sounds like the plot of an ero manga but it’s true, and could it only happen in Osaka?

A female teacher in Osaka working at a prefectural high school has been suspended for work for six months after it came to light that she was moonlighting as a prostitute.

The twenty-nine-year-old educator responded that “there is no excuse” for what she did and resigned.

Having accumulated debts of two million yen (at least two thirds of her salary, perhaps more) on credit card purchases of cosmetics and clothes, she turned to her other skills set to work off her loan.

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She actually did pretty well, earning 1.6 million in 105 days from the end of last year to April. Perhaps she should be praised for being so dedicated and enterprising?

She was a call girl, known euphemistically as “delivery health”, sent to answer appointments at hotels in Osaka city. To be fair, she only worked outside her regular school hours, but a disguised picture appeared on the call girl service’s website (there you go — at least some of those images show real girls).

Naturally she kept both her debts and her extracurricular activities secret from her family and work colleagues, but at the end of March her school received an anonymous email reporting that she was working as a prostitute. A dissatisfied customer?

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  • Shercock Bones May 3, 2013

    She was probably outed by a Satisfied customer. She now has to do prostitution full time to pay her bills since she quit as a teacher. Many more chances to hire her services. Is the hot girl in the photo a prostitute? Doesn’t seem fair if she’s not.

  • Sean May 5, 2013

    It’s unfortunate for her but such a great story. Pity delivery health isn’t easy for us foreigners to enjoy. I love the teacher fantasy.

  • LoraineJohnson May 11, 2013

    I congratulate, the remarkable answer…

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