Japanese milk commercial with giant flying nipple raises lactation fetish to new heights

Japan has taken its lactation fetish to new heights now with this new television commercial featuring a giant nipple that squirts milk from a cow UFO.

Never mind that this is a promotion for a milk brand, Rakunoh Mother (what a name!). All we can think about it the huge nipple flying in the sky and kids running to get a taste.

japan commercial milk nipple cow flying ufo funny

There really isn’t much to say about the 30 seconds of this video, except remember to pick up your jaw after it has dropped.

All right, party pooper: technically speaking, it’s a teat, not a nipple, since cow udders are not human breasts. (However, we remember how even handling a teat can look pretty shocking at times.)

With television content like this, is it any wonder that when kids are encouraged to look up to nipples in the heavens for their drinking delights, that we then get breast milk fetish items as awesome as this? Or that we get otaku designing software to help squeeze milk out of breasts?

japanese girl drink milk bust breasts pour

If milk is as much your thing as breasts, then how about the Milk Carton Onahole, a unique parody adult toy based on a classic milk carton design?

And if that’s still not enough to meet your needs, then head on down to those lactating fetish sex clubs in Tokyo.

japanese girl milk breasts sexy lactating drink liquid

mitsu no tsubo japanese sex toy luxury

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  • Damon Hazell October 3, 2017

    The baby from the previous story will be able to answer all the questions in 9 months of so lol