Young Japanese Girl Tears Lotion lets you lube up with crying virgin (and cross-dresser) spray

Ever thought a crying girl looked cute?

Of course she does.

nonami takizawa crying face cute hot beautiful

But have you ever wondered what else can be done with those tears?

How about lubing up with them? Well, not literally. Japan’s sex toys makers haven’t been scouring the land for upset girls… not yet anyway.

young japanese girl tears lotion lubricant crying

But the Young Japanese Girls Tears Lotion (in pink) and the Japanese Otoko no Ko Crossdresser Tears Lotion (in blue) are inspired by the wet eyes of idols.

japanese otoko no ko crossdresser lotion lube crying tears

It depends on your taste. Do you like them young and virginal, and female?

Or are you more into cross-dressing idols? (For those who don’t know, an otoko no ko is a currently trendy word for a cross-dresser, with the emphasis as much on cosplay as transgender.)

nagiko tono hot japanse actress

Personally we would go for the young girl spray but to each their own.

The sprays have been designed with easy application in mind — so they can be used with toys and dolls, or even just by themselves on hands or other bodily parts.

They are made with slightly different natural compounds but either of the two tears lotion by Magic Eyes will get you wet in not time.

japanese sex toys

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