Make-up and manicure sets for cross-dressing otoko no ko to look their best

One of the most slippery and ambiguous of terms in Japanese sexuality, otoko no ko sounds like the word for “boy” but is written with in hiragana and with a final character that usually means “daughter” or “girl”. In the simplest of definitions, it’s a type of cross-dressing where boys dress up as girls.

shemale japanese

This doesn’t mean you are a shemale or a transexual in the western way of thinking, but it does bend the usual lines between gender, sexuality and appearance.

otoko no ko black stockings shemale cross dresser japan

There are lots of clothes for cross-dressing cosplay, including stockings, bras and dresses, negligees and even wigs. Hell, you can even get a special AKB48 cross-dressers’ costume set!

akb48 cross dresser idol costume set

Now Tama Toys has come up with these basic sets to help otoko no ko look their best.

The Otoko no Ko First Make-Up Set is a starter set including lipstick, foundation and a puff.

otoko no ko hajimete first make-up cosmetic lipstock cross dresser japan

Meanwhile, the Otoko no Ko First Manicure Set is a three-item set of two nail manicures (in two colors, red and pink) and nail enamel remover, so you can take them off and go back to being “normal”.

otoko no ko first manicure set japan cross dresser

Care to give it a try?

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