Who are the top female idols from the 1980s?

Who are the top female idols from the 1980s? Japanese people in their fifties were recently asked to rank who they think are the biggest female idols who debuted between 1986 and 1989.

The online survey came up with Chisato Moritaka as number 1. The 54-year-old is still going strong, releasing music, giving concerts, and appearing regularly on TV.

chisato moritaka 1980s japanese singer idol

At number two was 50-year-old Rie Miyazawa, who made her debut in a TV commercial for Mitsui House in 1987. As regular readers will know, she went on to make a seminal contribution to the hair nude genre of photography.

rie miyazawa actress older japanese woman fifties

At number three was Miki Imai, a singer and actress now aged 60.

miki imai japanese 1980s singer idol music idol

We assume that most voters who thinking about the women who are still active in the culture.

The definition of “idol” might need clarifying for some people, since we would normally categorize Rie Miyazawa as an actress.

As silly as they ultimately are, surveys like this are a welcome change from the conveyor belt of new gravure and music idols who appear every month, and remind us that a few stars do burn bright, and continue to do so decades later.

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  • Lucy Thai February 9, 2024

    The 80’s are long gone — Nakasone, Regan and Thatcher are dead and buried — and good riddance!

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