Top Chinese model Zhai Ling in sex tape

We all loved watching (over and over) the alleged sex tapes of Ms. Japan Universe 2008 in a three-way session last year. Well, just over the water in China, one of the top models, Zhai Ling (aka Shoushou), has also got herself embroiled in a similar scandal.

A short video of her getting down and dirty with her ex has made internet waves since it emerged a month ago. It’s only two minutes nine seconds in length, apparently filmed three years ago — but not a frame is wasted footage! Her ex was a TV cameraman so you know the angles are going to be professional-looking!


It seems that Zhai herself has in the last few days recognized the vid as genuine and is in hiding. There were even rumors that she had killed herself till her agency denied this. The twenty-three year-old beauty came to fame at the 2008 Shanghai Motor Show and has since then held the crown of China’s top car model! Sadly her future might be less illustrious.

zhai ling shou-shou sex tape

There are a bunch of places online where you can download some of the juicy tape or the current issue of Bubka has a nice three-page splash that I’ve been enjoying for the last few hours at home… on my own.

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  • no May 4, 2010

    Link to video is a link back scam to pay sites. Don’t bother clicking it.

  • Taro (Post author) May 5, 2010


    Thanks for the heads-up! We deleted the link.

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