East Asia’s biggest sex scandals

Here is an incomplete and imperfect list of East Asia’s top sex scandals. Please share more examples in the comments below (but no links to sex tape leak sites, please).

We’ve divided the list by nation alphabetically.


Over in the People’s Republic, the Chinese model Zhai Ling (aka Shou Shou) landed in hot water when an alleged sex tape leaked online.

edison chen young sex scandal photo pictures

Hong Kong

Perhaps the most famous case on this list, the Edison Chen photos scandal from 2008 brought down the career of one of Hong Kong’s biggest stars at the time, led to death threats, and arrest for the person who stole files from Chen’s personal computer while it was in for repair.

His stash of private sex photos revealed that Chen had been conducting sexual relations with numerous well-known singers and actors, as well as dozens of other unknown women. Chen had to flee the country for his own safety at one point. Many household names such as Cecilia Cheung, Gillian Chung and Bobo Chan were implicated and had their reputations tarnished.


Miss Japan 2008, Hiroko Mima, was named in a sex tape featuring a threesome between a Japanese woman and Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe 2008 champion Anya Ayoung Chee. We believe that it was refuted in the end but the tape is still awesome to watch.

Less pleasant was the Waseda University rave club Super Free, whose organizers were ultimately arrested in 2003 for gang raping girls in private rooms. The number of victims may have been in the hundreds.

hang sung joo sex tape korea scandal


Miss Korea 1995 Han Sung Joo/Han Sung-ju allegedly made a sex tape that leaked in 2014. Likewise, Miss Korea 2002 Keum Na-na supposedly made a sex tape that got out. Continuing this trend, there was also a sex tape with hot race queen Kim Si-hyang.


Justin Lee is a convicted date rapist but whose targets were not only ordinary women. He also dated many models and actresses. Police uncovered an archive of rape videos.

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