Pro-porn Tokyo governor election candidate uses naked woman image on posters

A candidate for the upcoming Tokyo governor election is using a naked female model on his campaign posters.

Yusuke Kawai’s schtick is cosplaying as the Joker and doing provocative stuff, though this might be the most extreme of all his stunts to date.

yusuke kawai joker cosplayer tokyo governor election porn poster anti-censorship

The model is Miu Sakurai, a gyaru model, music idol (with the group Devilsis), and race queen who has appeared in beauty contests and who appears to have Filipino roots. She describes herself as the “world’s top will-do-anything gyaru” and has also been helping Kawai put up the posters of her naked body on boards around Tokyo.

miu sakurai japan election governor tokyo

Various media reports have described her as a porn star but we have not seen any proof of that. It might just be a presumption based on her nude images and her gyaru fashion. It seems she actually works mostly as an “image girl” (like a brand ambassador) but has had to step down from her roles due to the controversy over the posters.

yusuke kawai joker cosplayer tokyo governor election porn poster anti-censorship

yusuke kawai joker cosplayer tokyo governor election porn poster anti-censorship

yusuke kawai joker cosplayer tokyo governor election porn poster anti-censorship

His posters not only use pornographic images but also announce his opposition to the recent adult video legislation as well as “mosaic” (pixellation used in adult video censorship). He also says in one poster that he wants to legalize prostitution (it’s actually not illegal per se in Japan).

yusuke kawai joker cosplayer tokyo governor election porn poster anti-censorship

We’re not sure how legal these posters are. Only a tiny image of Kawai as the Joker protects Sakurai’s modesty. The posters are on display on boards featuring all candidates for the upcoming gubernatorial election on July 7, and their locations are typically near neighborhood parks. The police have apparently issued Kawai with a warning about the nude posters, which are likely to be taken down.

The 43-year-old Kawai, who also cosplays as the Mask, is running on an extreme freedom-of-expression platform. Other posters include ones that suggest building a nuclear power plant in front of the National Diet.

He has run in various other elections before, and claims to be a graduate of Kyoto University. In 2022, he finally won an election — for the municipal assembly of the city of Soka in Saitama. Kawai’s other policies include support for the revision of Article 9 of the constitution (which renounces the right to war), opposition to foreigners receiving social welfare, and the legalization of polygamy to solve Japan’s declining birthrate (he is not alone in this opinion). In the poster for the latter policy, Kawai appears in the guise of the Mask surrounded by three ladies, one of whom is Sakurai.

polygamy tokyo governor election candidate poster the mask

There are 56 candidates for the election, including incumbent Yuriko Koike (seeking a third term) and opposition parties candidate Renho, who is now a political veteran known for her pantsuits but had a former career as a gravure idol. She is probably the most prominent ex-gradol to carve out a second vocation in politics, though Ayaka Shiomura is also a famous example, and a prominent gravure model from the 2000s, Chisato Morishita, continues to campaign for election to the Diet.

This election really feels like a circus, even more so than usual, with some fringe candidates hijacking the boards to put up multiple posters instead of just one in their assigned spot. It seems that the NHK Party, which (despite the name) campaigns against the national broadcaster, is selling its poster spaces to advertisers.

japanese election poster fraud spam dating website

Some posters also feature a cute girl and a QR code, which takes you to a potentially spammy compensated dating or deai-kei website. Nonetheless, fringe candidates with weird policies and provocative posters are nothing new.

Do you remember Kana Shindo and her use of a government-issued face mask as a bra?

Or Teruki Goto and his nude self-portrait?

Yusuke Kawai is apparently opposed to censorship and the new porn laws. The founder of porn site FC2 also ran for election on an anti-censorship platform.

japanese rare extreme porn adult video DVDs

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  • netori June 21, 2024

    based candidate

    hopefully he get elected, porn literally bring most revenue for japan economy in recent times

    why not promote it ? also make it uncensored as well

    raise awareness among boys as well about importance of male sex workers

  • Laughing June 22, 2024

    There is no chance that he is getting elected, if he wants to get elected then he needs to focus on actual issues instead

  • netori June 22, 2024


    what issue ? you stupid normie don’t know anything

    sex sell, simple economy

  • Laughing June 23, 2024


    you are simply pathetic if you think that’s all there is to politics. get out of here with your nonsense

  • JoeJitsu June 23, 2024


    The simple answer is that like some Japanese he got his L and R mixed up and thought he was standing for erection.

  • Johnny Somali June 24, 2024


    What issue does that solve?
    Is it a political issue, or just something to please your own desires?

  • Mike Travels June 25, 2024

    that’s one creepy looking bitch

  • netori June 25, 2024

    all these gaijin comments

    you guys didn’t understand how japan economy work, so much ignorance

    porn and sex workers are literally backbone of economy since 80s

  • Lee Mroszak June 26, 2024

    @netori is a foolish weirdo

    Toyota revenues: 279,377,000,000$
    Mitsubishi: 153,690,000,000$
    Hona: 129,546,000,000$
    Hitachi: 91,374,000,000$
    Sony: 88,320,000,000$

    Entire sex work industry: $24,000,000,000.
    Entire AV industry: $4,000,000,000

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