Tokyo Gigantic Girls: Huge hot girls invade the city

Tokyo Gigantic Girls is an insane fantasy brought to video life. Giant-sized cute Japanese girls are roaming the cityscape of Tokyo in all their leggy glory.

tokyo gigantic girl

tokyo gigantic girl

tokyo gigantic girl

tokyo gigantic girl

tokyo gigantic girl

tokyo gigantic girl

A maid. A schoolgirl. An OL. A jogger. A dancer.

These “giants” have invaded Tokyo. To do what?

tokyo gigantic girls

tokyo gigantic girl

tokyo gigantic girl

Well, the girls in Shibuya are taking a selfie or kneeling down to chat on her phone.

The schoolgirl is checking her phone and putting on make-up.

These giants seem harmless enough: they don’t seem intent on causing mayhem in the city.

We especially love the maid with her skirt so high up her thigh you practically see her panties. Imagine seeing a giant version of that in the street!

The models include cosplayer Kazari, Nao, Kana Yamashita and Aoi Natsume, and the Tokyo districts include Shibuya, Akihabara, Ginza, Otsuka (that one’s a bit random) and Asakusa.

We have no idea what this is for and why money has been spent on this massive fetish project (it’s like a reverse version of the Koonago “shrinking girl” fetish). Still, we’re not complaining.

japanese sex toys

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  • NHK Weatherman June 16, 2015

    Today in Tokyo weather, don’t forget your umbrella, we are predicting massive golden showers…

  • Tadashi Anahori (Post author) June 16, 2015

    @NHK Weatherman

    Well, it is rainy season!

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